Are you still designing the piping supports in 2D?

ESApro Supports is the answer to the design of supports directly in 3D




    • .Customizable 3D components library

      The ESApro Supports module designs the supports of pipes made with ESApro 3D Piping or other plant software and extracts drawings and material lists. The package contains a large library of parametrical parts typically used for the design of piping supports, like:

      • connectors (U-Bolt, Collars, Reinforcement plates etc.)
      • holders (Shoes, Saddles, Pedestals, Guides, Springs etc.)
      • fasteners (Bolts, Threaded rods, Clevises, Turnbuckles etc.)
      • steelworks (beams, plates, shelves, poles etc.)


      Each part is provided with descriptions in different languages and an additional field is provided for the part number.
      Beside the standard parts, the user can create special parts directly modeled in 3D in AutoCAD or imported from mechanical modeling software.

    • .3D simplified assembly

      the ESApro Supports functions make the assembling of a 3D support very simple by putting together the basic parts: the following special features for the assembling procedure are provided:

      • snaps to reference points (for already inserted parts, piping objects, beams, etc.)
      • automatic alignment to existing objects
      • plan inversion and overturning
      • 3D rotation
      • objects alignment and faces matching


      The program also provides basic commands for creation and editing of holes, and also for the insertion of fastening elements (nuts and bolts, nuts and washers, etc.).

    • .Structural Steel Modeling

      ESApro Supports contains a module for the fast creation of structural steel. Thanks to quick and intuitive interfaces it is possible to create beams (IPN, UPN, IPE, HE, LEQ etc.) by taking them from a customizable database and by adapting them to your own needs simple shaping and editing commands.
      Commands for the automatic creation of the following are also available:

      • pipe-racks
      • columns
      • shelves
      • poles
      • base plates
      • railings
      • ladders
      • spiral staircase


      The program provides the computation of the many beams and the structure total weight.

    • .Definition of Supports and Standard

      Once the parts are assembled it is possible to gather them into an assembly (support object), whom proprieties are given to define the following:

      • typology
      • identifying tag
      • standard part (primary)
      • not standard part (secondary)


      From the “Supports Assembly” window it is possible to keep under control the already defined supports and highlight their position in the plant. The materials list can be obtained directly within the model, or either exported to external files for the creation of the detail drawings.
      A simple procedure allows the user to add his own supports to the library of standards provided by ESApro Supports.

    • .Automatic update of detail drawings

      ESApro Supports supplies 2D detail drawings of the supports modeled in the 3D piping environment: during the generation process it is possible to set the layout and the format of the material lists. The lay-out can be completed with the position balloons and dimensions through simple graphic tools. The synchronization between the detail drawings and the 3D model is bi-directional: each modification to the model is automatically applied to the already created detail drawings and vice-versa.

    • .General layout of Supports and Tagging

      ESApro Supports creates the overall layout table showing the position of the supports in the plant. The supports can be represented either in a realistic way or conventional one identifying their specific function (fixed point, support, axial stop, side guide etc.).
      Each support can be represented through an automatic or manual procedure.

    • .Customizable material lists

      Once the insertion of all the supports is ended within the 3D model, the program is ready to provide the following:

      • support Material List with total weight
      • support Tags List with composition and weight
      • list of the Standards (primaries) used in the model and related composition

      The material lists format can be customized by choosing which fields to visualize, their order and possible filters. The lists can be directly printed or exported in TXT or Excel files for further processing or interfacing with external software.

    • .Maximum compatibility with external Software

      All the ESApro files are simple dwg file with standard AutoCAD entities only (lines, circles, blocks, etc.) included: no additional object enablers or conversion tools are therefore required to open or view such files.
      The interchange of files with other software is then very straightforward as all types of software capable of reading the DWG/DXF format or any other format exportable from AutoCAD (DGN, DWF, PDF), are all compatible with ESApro.