Do you need to plan the prefabrication of the spools for the workshop?

ESApro subdivides the isometric drawings into spools and creates the related material list.


ESApro Spool



  • .Material list subdivided by spools

    By means of the ESApro Spool module, ESApro Isometrics automatically identifies the spools within the design isometric and generates the material lists subdivided by spools. The prefabrication department is then constantly and precisely informed regarding the required materials.
    ESApro Spools enriches the Isometrics module with the following functions:

    • recognition of each single spool and assignment of an automatic number to each one
    • automatic tagging
    • prefab material list
    • automatic creation of pipe spool drawings completed with dimensions and lists

    ESApro Spool, with the variety of ESApro brilliant ideas, is the answer to the problems related to the intensive prefabrication of pipelines.