Would you like to design a plant in 3D?

With ESApro 3D piping you can create a three-dimensional model of the plant and generate orthographic views, as well as isometric sketches and material lists.




      • .Plant Design driven by Piping Specs

        The ESApro Plant Design applications speed up the design process thanks to the constant monitoring by the Piping Spec, and always ensure univocal precision in the choice of the components used.
        The “Spec Management” module allows the user to create its own pipe classes in a fast and simple way by choosing between all the available components of the dimensional catalogue, the subset conforming to the project criteria. After the insertion of the components (pipes, elbows, flanges, valves, etc.) the class can be completed with further information such as:

        • branch table automatically generated by the program
        • definition of welding space
        • maximum and minimum pipe length


        The classes defined on the database can be modified at any stage of the project: the powerful update functions verify and keep the newly created lines up to date and ensure congruency with the new classes.

      • .High speed and absolute precision in the 3D plant modeling

        The ESApro three-dimensional modeling functions are extremely fast and at the same time they ensures the accuracy of the graphic representation as well as an absolute geometrical precision:

        • powerful tools for automatic lines routing
        • line automatic dressing with pipes and fittings matching the piping class
        • absolute precision when positioning the components on the line through the placement and pipe-snap functions
        • the fit to fit options to place components without any pre-existing pipe axis
        • all the characteristics (size, classes, etc.) and the line can be changed at any time, all the components will be automatically updated


        Even unskilled users can easily handle ESApro 3D Piping as it requires just a very basic knowledge of the tridimensional environment.

      • .Customizable dimension Catalog

        The software contains hundreds of parametrical graphic functions generating the 3D model of piping components by picking up the dimensional data from the centralized database.
        The ESApro 3D Piping catalog provides more than 10.000 piping components, organized in 1,500 dimensional tables, all conforming to the most widespread standards (such as ASME, ISO/DIN/UNI, BS, BPE etc.).. Beside the conventional components, a catalog of components in PVC and PTFE, fiberglass,  sanitary and Victaulic are also available. The graphic representation of the components conforms to the standards of the plant industry; when required it is possible to use customized components directly modeled either with AutoCAD/BricsCAD or other software, or  eventually downloaded from the manufacturer’s web site. Such models, once they are saved in the library, behave exactly the same way as the original ESApro’s ones.
        Each part is provided with descriptions in different languages and an additional field is provided for the part number.

      • .Structural Steel Modeling

        The ESApro 3D Piping package contains a module for the fast creation of structural steel. Thanks to quick and intuitive interfaces it is possible to create beams (IPN, UPN, IPE, HE, LEQ etc.) by taking them from a customizable database and by adapting them to your own needs simple shaping and editing commands.
        Commands for the automatic creation of the following are also available

        • pipe-racks
        • columns
        • shelves
        • poles
        • stand bases
        • railings
        • platforms
        • ramp stairs
        • ladders
        • spiral staircases


        The program provides the bill of material of the beams and the total steel structure weight.

      • .Equipment modeling and importation

        Besides having a parametrical library of pumps, tanks, heat- exchangers and other equipment, 3D Piping can import 3D solids modeled directly with AutoCAD/BricsCAD or external standard format (ACIS, STEP, SAT etc.) files and also can convert them into ESApro equipment: during the conversion process it is possible to define the connection points to the new equipment, acknowledged by the program as nozzles valid for all intents and purposes.

      • .Modeling of typical supports

        The libraries provided by ESApro 3DPiping include more than 70 parametrical supports (pedestals, collars, shoes etc.) Once they are inserted they can be counted and automatically passed into both the isometric sketches obtained with ESApro Isometrics and into the interchange files generated by ESApro Stress Analysis Interface.
        The optional ESApro Supports module is available for the development of constructive drawings and exploded material list.
      • .Real time clash detection

        The program, already modeling the pipeline, can reveal any possible clash with:

        • other piping lines
        • steel structures and civil works
        • equipment
        • pipe supports
        • electrical raceways and HVAC ducts
        • any other 3D objects

        A subsequent verification command is also provided, able to scan the whole plant.

      • .Customizable Material Lists

        Once the model is finished, the program can produce the following lists:

        • piping materials (pipes, elbows, tees, valves, etc.)
        • lines
        • equipment
        • insulation
        • beams

        The material lists format can be customized by choosing which fields to visualize, their order and possible filters. The lists can be directly printed or exported in TXT or Excel files for further processing or interfacing with external software.

      • .Comparisons between revisions and integration with Navisworks

        ESApro 3D Piping allows the user to generate many types of lists (piping materials, valves, lines, etc.) and to compare them with the previous revision thus generating a report which highlights:

        • new objects (present in the current revision only)
        • deleted objects (no longer present in the current revision)
        • modified objects (present in the current version but updated from the previous version)

        Furthermore provides the command “Publish DWFx ESApro” which exports the ESApro model into the DWFx format; the DWFx format can be opened by a free viewer (Autodesk Nawisworks Freedom or Design Review), to navigate the model, inspect objects and take measurements.

        The DWFX file contains the following information:

        • line number and characteristic data (ND, piping class, pressure, temperature etc..)
        • tag and characteristic data of components (material, rating, dimensions, part number, reference isometric drawing etc..)
        • type and lenght of beams

        This advanced functionality streamlines the sharing of information within the company and with the external world, minimizing the need of creating 2D tables and preliminary lists for the contractor.

      • .Multi-users Database integrated with the P&ID environment

        Based on the standard Microsoft SQL Server, the project database is shared by all the P&ID diagrams, the 3D Piping models, the isometric drawings and the electrical design environment.
        The “Publish” command allows the user to transfer all the present in the drawing into the database making this data available to the project team, and in order to create updated lists; thanks to the “Line Manager” tool it is possible to keep the project lines under control in real time giving the process manager the possibility to intervene on process data in a simple and immediate fashion; the “Compare” function allow a constant verification on the congruence between the process scheme and the 3D model.

      • .Automatic 2D drawings

        The automatic drawing generation environment, versatile and handsomely equipped with details, is one of the strengths of ESApro:

        • automatic generation of plan, front , side  section and isometric views
        • aided dimensioning of the 2D views
        • automatic representation of section symbols
        • commands for the representation of pipe breaks and insulation
        • automatic tagging of components and equipment
        • lines, components and equipment tagging
        • shaded views, highly aesthetically appealing, very clear and easy to read even in highly complex drawings
        • automatic views update when the model changes
        • export of the generated layouts as standards CAD bi-dimensional dwg files

      • .Isometric Sketches Automatic Extraction

        Once the 3D model is finished, ESApro organizes and transfers the piping lines to the ESApro Isometrics module in order to create the isometric sketches.
        ESApro Isometrics provides a large set of tools for the modifications, final touch-ups, or the addition of notes while remaining constantly connected to the 3D model.
        The 3D Piping environment can create high quality sketches in a simple, fast and totally controlled way thanks to the following functions:

        • pre-subdivision of the sheets depending on the line complexities
        • preview of the default sheets subdivision
        • manual customization of the subdivision provided by the software
        • manual creation of new sheets plus the option to directly pick the objects to insert
        • modified lines highlighting and re-extraction

      • .Rendering and Animation

        The program can directly display a shaded view, of the plant that is very useful when viewing very complex areas.
        Moreover, when presenting a preview, it is possible to render the model in a very sophisticated way so to enrich it with realistic and impressive visual effects. The software can also make film clips and produce animations.

      • .Maximum compatibility with external Software

        All the ESApro files are simple dwg file with standard AutoCAD entities only (lines, circles, blocks, etc.) included: no additional object enablers or conversion tools are therefore required to open or view such files.
        The interchange of files with other software is then very straightforward as all types of software capable of reading the DWG/DXF format or any other format exportable from AutoCAD (DGN, DWF, PDF), are all compatible with ESApro.